Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall Brings More than Changes in Color

Aly and Mommy on the Front Porch~Sunday Afternoon~Aug. 30, 2009

The thought of FALL brings more than just the changing of leaves and their colors… Thus, with the upcoming changes of color, I will be ‘turning a new leaf’, effective immediately! The days tend to be busier lately, with Aly’s school, running errands, even the evenings seem to be filled with more and more items on the ‘to-do ‘list. Because of this, I will be making a couple of online changes and wanted to share them with you.
This past week has gone by very quickly and it doesn’t seem possible that September is already here! Aly is enjoying school, which in turn makes it much easier for me, ‘the Teacher’!
Greg and I will be leaving this coming Saturday, September 5th, for a ’belated Anniversary’ trip, so upon our return you will begin to see the changes below…
Blogger’s: I will continue to BLOG once a week (early in the week) and each post will contain one or two pictures. However, photo albums and slide shows will be added only on special occasions, such as Birthdays, Holidays, Trips and other such ’BIG’ events! This alone will ‘free up’ several hours for me each week! (Please remember: if and when a Photo Slideshow is posted, you can 'click' on the center to be taken directly to the Photo Album!) I will continue to ‘check’ and reply to my post and comments at least once per week, as well. I will also ’browse’ and comment to others, as I have the time to do so.
Face Booker’s: I will continue to post ‘stats’ once or twice a day and depending on my daily schedule, some may only be a line or two. I will attempt to ‘check‘, reply and comment on Face Book every evening. However, when this is not possible, I will respond to comments on my profile, within three days (except in an emergency… such as being out of town, etc.)!
I trust all of you, my online friends and family, will have an incredible FALL season with those you love and enjoy the beauty God gives us on a daily basis. The colors of Fall are a great time to do just that… God bless y‘all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School Plus...

We have so much to tell you about. We will try to give you the abbreviated version and let the pictures speak for themselves! LOL It has been a very busy and wonderful week!

This past Friday, my parents hosted a "Lawn Party" for all choir members and their spouses. This was a great evening spent with the best of friends, delicious food, beautiful decor, games of croquet and so much more! (Though we were 'rained' indoors for the meal, a few clouds couldn't keep us from the lawn, for long! It did end us up, back indoors for ice cream, though!) Thanks, Mama and Daddy, y'all outdid yourselves and we all had a ball!

On Sunday evening, we SURPRISED Greg with a small Birthday Party in his honor! Again, Mother and Daddy hosted and again did a marvelous job! Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, chips, relish tray, etc. They ended the evening with delectable cake with fresh strawberries on top! Happy Birthday, Baby! I hope this is your best year ever! You deserve ONLY the very best... I love you!

Back to School Plus
Monday, Aly's first day of "Wee School", went exceptionally well! She loved being a 'big girl going to school'! We had several practice sessions over the past few months and they really helped when it came down to 'crunch time'! After she was dressed, she seemed to know just what was going on... she walked into the office/playroom, pointed up to the shelf where her school books are kept and said, "skoo"! So cute! Thus, began our first class of the year!

Last night, I was honored to and enjoyed attending our (local Facebook) L.N.O., at "Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream"! The ride up to Carmel was quite entertaining, the food tasted great and we laughed til we almost cried! Incredible fun with some incredible friends... OH, and we topped the night off with "Bub's" Ice Cream! YUMEEEEEE! Girls, thanks for the memories, I can't wait til the next event!

Note: By 'clicking' on Aly's school picture you will be able to view the entire Photo Album of all events mentioned above.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Indiana State Fair 2009

We were able to take Alyson to her first State Fair yesterday and did she evermore enjoy herself! We all had a wonderful time together... it's always fun to share time with Memaw and Papaw J.!
Because of the heat, we decided to wait until after her nap time to leave. Another great thing to happen, was that Greg was able to get off work just early enough to go with us, rather than meet up with us later! This was an added blessing to the day!
While looking through the Slide Show, you should have been able to see with each caption, most of what we were able to experience. The 'Parade', the silly 'Street Band', the yummy food, the 'Pig Race', the cows, the 'Horse Show', the tractors, the 'Petting Barn', the lights, the 'Dairy Barn', the sounds, the 'Midway' with all it's rides, snacks, etc.!!! (Remember, you can also 'click' on the slide show to be taken directly to the Photo Album...)
So much to do and we tried to get to as much of it, as possible! Special thanks to Memaw and Papaw for one of the best days/evenings of our Summer, thus far! We wouldn't have traded such fun memories made with y'all for "nothin"! THANKS!
Hey everybody, we'll see what we can find to do this week and return with another post next week... take care and have an incredible week with those YOU love!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Beginning of the End of Summer

After Camp meeting, the big excitement around our house, was the fact that Mawmaw and Pawpaw P. were coming to visit!!! We cleaned and planned for several days before their arrival and boy did we have fun while they were here! The only complaint we have is the fact they were only able to stay over one night! It would've just been that much better if they'd stayed a lot longer than that! However, our evening was made even better, because following our evening meal, Memaw and Papaw J. came by to share dessert with us!!! Mawmaw and Pawpaw, thanks for coming by to see us, while you were on your Anniversary trip... (Memaw and Papaw, thanks for 'sharing' your ice cream with us, too!) We truly enjoyed spending time with ALL of you and love each of you very much!
The Beginning of the End of Summer
Aly and I showed our artistic abilities this past week, by using sidewalk chalk and drawing a few lovely (or not-so-lovely) pieces of art on our patio and driveway! We didn't take pictures this time, but will try to do so next time! It's a sight that you'll not want to miss out on again, I'm sure! LOL
Almost the end of Summer, already? Where did the time go??? Good grief, by the time we turn around twice, it'll be 2010!!! Speaking which... last night, we celebrated the "End of Summer" with King's Kidz Klub, at Church! The theme of the night was, 'Summer Has Sailed' and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves! (Thanks to each and every helper and child that 'set sail' with us this Summer! We're in hopes that each and EVERY single one will stay 'on board' for this Fall/Winter, as well! It should be tons of fun!!!)
We received WONDERFUL news yesterday!!! Mamaw S. has done so well in therapy, that she is now allowed to place weight on her 'bad' leg! She was able to walk (with a walker), close to 14 feet today and has the staff members 'stumped' with her progress! We praise the Lord for her healing and are trusting Him for her continued good health in the future! Many of you... especially our family who live far away... have asked us about the Rehab Center, where she is staying for therapy. Because of these questions we have chosen to give our readers a 'virtual tour' of Rosegate. We trust this will help each of you feel more 'in touch' with her and give you some sense of what her life is like while in rehab.
Rosegate Rehab Center
We would like to ask everyone in Blogger-Land to help us pray for the Marlon King family. Renotta has been diagnosed with cancer and they need as much prayer as possible during the difficult days that lie ahead! May the God of peace continue to bless you, Marlon, Renotta and family!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aly, Thunderstorms, District Assembly, Etc.

Summer with Alyson, Our Anniversary Date, Etc.
As this is being typed, there is a raging thunderstorm outside and Aly doesn't care so much for it! Our electricity went on the 'blink' while she was having her brunch and she just couldn't understand what THAT was all about! Guess she's going to be like her Mommy and not like storms... now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a soft southern rainstorm. You know the kind, where the sheets of rain are soft as they come down from the sky at an angle, the sky is a hazy light blue and in just moments the sun is back out and warming the soul, once again. Lovely!
Thankful to God, for a wonderful hubby, a great God and between the two of them, the 'glitch' in our air condition from last weekend seems to be on the 'mend', now! Whew... what a blessing!!! Even though, I love the South and the warmth there, that doesn't mean that I want to live without AIR! (We actually have a ceiling fan on our porch, if that tells you anything!!! haha)
This past Sunday evening, we attended our District Ordination service and were able to see several people we hadn't seen in quite a while. Camp and Assembly times are just great for that sort of thing, huh? I told someone the other day, Camp should go on ALL Summer, but I guess that was just the 'kid' in me talking! We look forward to heading back to Camp Camby this week for Family Camp! We'll probably not make it to every service, but we'll certainly try!
Well, yesterday was a bit of a milestone for our little family! Aly 'joined' her friend, "Elmo" and began a process of 'more than just sitting' on her potty chair! We are so proud of her and though it doesn't seem possible that she's this grown up, we hope to have the 'training' completed before her 2nd birthday!!! She seems quite proud of herself, as well! LOL
Greg and I had an enjoyable date on our Anniversary and are getting quite anxious for our 'belated' Celebration trip coming up in September! These truly have been some of the best years, weeks, days and moments of my life. He is a wonderful daddy and an even better husband than I would've ever imagined! I stand in awe of our God and how He knows just who to put together 'in perfect union'...
Trust all of my Blogger friends, who are caught up in this or another storm, will stay dry and safe until our next post! "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid." —John 14:27