Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Weekend of Valentine's

Lots and lots of snow made for a very romantic Valentine's weekend... however, not as romantic as waves crashing on the beach would have been! LOL Aly and I decided to have "Clash Day" for the first snow-day and when Greg returned home from work, he and Aly went out to play in the first major snow storm of her life and she had a ball! Greg and I were privileged to attend the Christan Couples Connection Valentine Dinner on Friday night and it was truly an enjoyable evening! Complete with an Italian theme, wonderful food and many many laughs! Saturday was our family Valentine's Day... we stayed all cozy and warm in our house, sipping coffee, relaxing and playing games with Aly, before going to Mamaw Who's, so Aly could share a little "love" with her! Being as Greg and I are considered 'on staff' at Church, we were invited to the "Prime Timer's" Valentine Party, on Sunday night. Now, those folks know what they're talking about when it has to do with FOOD... another fun evening for sure! On Sunday afternoon and later that night, we enjoyed watching and nibbling on my 'big' surprise from Greg, a Michael Buble' "LIVE" CD/DVD combo and Ghirardelli Chocolates!!! (I surprised him with a much sillier gift that we will not discuss at the moment! heehee) Late in the afternoon on Monday, Papaw came by to pick up Aly, which allowed Greg and I a chance for a 'romantic get-away'! Another blessing, was when Greg was able to arrive home almost two hours before his normal time home, giving us even more time together! (Thanks, Papaw, for your help with our Angel. You are THE best!) After five years of Valentine's and Anniversary's as man and wife, I asked Greg to choose a Steak House for HIM, instead of Italian and Mexican places for ME! He toyed with the idea of the exotic "Oceanaire" or "Bahama Breeze"... either of which would have served lovely steaks AND SEAFOOD! However, with yet another snowfall coming down, I told him he should keep the location close by home, instead of downtown or on the other side of town! So, we headed to "The Outback"! The meal was lovely, he enjoyed his steak and I, my seafood! We browsed Barnes & Noble and stopped by Starbucks before returning home....... all in all, a very romantic date night! Aly returned home a bit after 11 and we all played music until 'Mr. Sandman' got the best of us! Trust each of you had an enjoyable weekend with those you love, as well!!!
A Weekend of Valentine's

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland... A Bit Late in Coming!


WOW! What a week! Some good and some bad! We've had many ups and downs this week. We've been and continue to carry heavy burdens for those we love. We have prayed and will continue to pray for these needs! Trusting and believing that ONLY God can answer such difficult tasks. He brought light into our lives this week in the form of a couple of announcements! CONGRATULATIONS are in order! To Whitley, for an outstanding GPA, she has been enrolled into the NATIONAL Honor Society! You go, girl! We are proud of you! Also, the word is official, Wesley will be stationed in S. Korea, following Tech School. We are so happy that he will be able to live out a life-time 'Korean' wish and pray daily for his safety. To Wes, Congrats, we love you so much! You know, when the world seems bleak, God knows just when to send these kind of blessings our way, doesn't He? HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD... SING WITH ME, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

We've had our first, what I would call, major snowstorm of the season and there's more on the way tonight!!! Too late if you ask me... As most of you know, I absolutely do NOT love snow!!! Which will be no surprise to most of you, however, IF it must come this is the way I'd love to see it happen.... On Christmas eve, in the late afternoon, it would begin to flurry just a bit. Temps would stay around 30 or so. Though the snow would not accumulate at all, it would continue to flurry lightly throughout the rest of the evening, into the night and all day Christmas day/night. Temps would remain in the upper 20's or lower 30's during these two days. However, two or three days following Christmas day, the temps would fall drastically into the single digits. A heavy accumulating snow would begin to fall and not let up until it reached a minimum of one foot, PLUS. This would cause EVERYTHING to be 'shut down' for a few days. Giving everyone time to relax, spend time with family, etc. AHH After 4 or 5 days of this, the temps would begin to rise gently into the mid-to-upper 40's and above, the snow would then melt and within the week, SPRING WOULD ARRIVE!!! Now, that's the way it ought to be!

If you've heard the name, Laura Silsby, head of New Life Children's Refuge, Boise, ID in the news lately. She's a part of a group who traveled to Haiti to retrieve children, bring them to America and give them new lives here. Her particular group is being wrongfully suspected of human trafficking and facing time in court and possible prison. Would you please say a special prayer for her, the rest of her group and their families here in the States? LAURA'S FAMILY ARE FRIENDS OF MY PARENTS AND ARE IN DIRE NEED OF YOUR PRAYERS AND MINE!

Well, we had a grand Super Bowl weekend!!!!! While living here in Indy, I've become a "True Blue"! However, last night, MY SOUTHERN BLOOD RAN DEEP! Born and bred in Louisiana and being proud of it, I felt compelled to cheer for the Saints! No matter the final outcome, it was a great game for all!!! Greg, Aly and I wore black and gold to church on Sunday morning, blue that night and black to the family party. I've been a bit neutral, verbally speaking, throughout the past few weeks due to feeling a sort of "double-minded" and would have been happy had either team won, however... after THAT win??? MY HEART'S FEELING PRETTY GOOD RIGHT NOW! GEAUX SAINTS! (Nothing like a party for some great food, too!) For pre-bowl-fun on Saturday, we surprised Aly with a spur of the moment trip to "Incredible Pizza Co.", for supper and as you can tell (in the photo album above), she did indeed have an 'incredible' time!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010