Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine Heart

Chocolate hearts, lace hearts, paper hearts of red and pink...hearts in supermarket ads, heart-shaped cookies, even heart-covered silk boxer shorts! ;-)
On Valentine's Day, everywhere we look... we see hearts.
In early times, we're told the liver was the part of the body that symbolized love. But hearts have long been connected with the feelings of love.
After all... you can feel your heart beating faster when you're excited by seeing someone you love. That's probably how all this Valentine stuff began. :-)

However, scientists think that emotions actu
ally begin in the brain. The part of the brain called the "thalamus", shows the most activity in tests, measuring an emotionally excited person. I'm pretty sure that placing a piece of brain on a Valentine card probably wouldn't thrill too many people. Certainly not me! ;-)

(BTW! Thanks to my wonderful hubby for the beautiful flowers and gifts... they were much more my style than brains and livers! LOL I love you, Baby!)

Come to think of it though, even a picture
of a "real" heart with blood vessels and everything, isn't how I view romance either! I'm thinking we should just be glad we have the traditions that we have! Anyone else agree??? :-)

We'll be BLOGGING again in a few weeks...

! Happy "Hearts Day"
from Our Family to You and Your's !

Monday, February 4, 2008

Looking Back with Fondness While Looking Forward with Excitement

Recently, I was looking through my Mother, Trisha's BLOG and found several photos that brought back MANY fond memories of my childhood... I had such a blessed childhood filled with fun and laughter! I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
While thinking of the past, I couldn't help but think about the present and the future that lies ahead... I have a wonderful life filled with love and excitement! More than any girl could ask for!!!
I look forward to a future filled with even more fun, laughter, love and excitement! I'm sure there will be many other life-experiences ahead for me to learn from! I have to say, "It's just great to be alive"!!!
Try to take time to check out my Mother's BLOG out at:
I thought I'd share a little Album of my "Past, Present and Future" with you.
Hoping you'll enjoy this little peek into my life!