Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's Drawing to a Close!

Let the photos and captions speak for themselves...we have truly enjoyed the last couple of weeks and are very thankful to have been able to spend time together as a family and in the presence of  family and friends!!! Our End of the Summer/Back to School family vacation was a ton of fun, Alyson began school last week (turns out she's in  love with every moment spent there), and Greg's "extended" weekend-long Birthday celebration was filled with memories to last a life time!  We are looking forward to seeing what else God has in store for us as Fall arrives! We are blessed beyond belief!!!

Summer's Drawing to a Close!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary 2012 and Blessed Memories of the Past

Greg and I were thrilled to celebrate yet another Anniversary this month, on July 24th and due to an extremely busy schedule, we postponed our celebration until the first weekend of August. On Friday evening, we had fun spending our gift cards on a lovely dinner out, stopping by for dessert on the way home.....alone, being as Aly was at one of her infamous sleep-overs! (Thank you, Uncle Mark and Aunt 'Nita for being such a wonderful host/hostess' and another thank you to Ms. Cassie for adding to the mix.....Aly had a ball!) The next morning, we relaxed, took a "Sunday-afternoon-drive" on Saturday and simply took time to enjoy each others company! We have a couple of photos taken over the weekend and decided to add a few of our favorite past Anniversary "memories" to the album, as well! (Remember, you can left-click on the center of the slideshow to be taken to larger still-shots of the photos!) Happy Anniversary to us and we pray the Lord will send us many more!