Monday, April 26, 2010

Revival Blessings and More

WOW! Where has the month of April gone??? We have had a wonderful month, that's for sure! The weekend following our last post, we drove out to be with Greg's family for a couple of days and had a blast! His Mom and I spent the majority of the weekend 're-doing' much of their first floor... and hoping to complete both floors by either the Holidays or late Winter ('11)! Decorating is very comforting to me and so much fun!
Upon our return home, we had few battles to fight for a few days, but God really helped us to rise above the circumstances! We made a decision that "in the happy moments, we would praise God; during difficult moments, we would seek God; in the quiet moments, we would praise God; even in the painful moments, we would trust God; and in EVERY moment, we would THANK God!" If you think about a hot, fresh, glazed donut... your mouth is sure to begin to 'water'! Now, think about the ingredients that go into that donut, to make it so yummy. While some of them may be appealing in their own right (sugar), others are not so tantalizing (lard), yet without the lard, the donut wouldn't work! But, we'd still rather not think about it being in there, right? Life is kinda like a donut, sometimes! [Romans 8:28]
Greg drove a group of young men down to Kentucky for the following weekend, where they attended KMBC's "iLIVE 2010". An enjoyable and spiritual time was had by all! Aly and I were able to enjoy a couple of days together here at home and a VERY fun "play-date" with our friends, Carley, Claire and their mommy, Becky! A true 'girls evening out' and Aly thought she had the world by the tail, for sure!!!
Mother and I attended the "Ladies Spring Fling"... Mother/Daughter Luncheon... hosted by the ladies of our church, on the 17th, which was really nice for us! For Aly too, because she was able to have a "date" with her Papaw, at the same time!
Our church Spring Revival,was held on April 18 - 21, with Rev. Jim Mellish and Mark and Janene Dubbeld. This was without a doubt, the best Revival our church has had, atleast in the last five years!!! Not ONLY because of what our own family received from it, but because the Holy Spirit came in unbelievable ways! GOD IS SO GOOD... ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME... GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!! (If you care to hear the details of what happened in our own family, just let me know and I'll gladly 'fill you in'!) "Got any rivers YOU think are uncrossable? Got any mountains YOU can't tunnel through? God specializes in things thought impossible!"

Mrs. Esther 'caught' Aly, sitting up in the Pastor's chair yesterday, following the morning service and sent this photo of 'the moment' to us..... the 'up-do' is more of an 'do-down', at this point in the day, though! LOL
Remember, if you have time to worry about what is on your neighbors back porch, maybe you should worry about what is on your own back porch! Food for thought on a dreary Monday ~ and the same would go for what's on the front porch!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun & Spring Happenings (2010)

We will not bore you with the "story" of the past weeks, since our last post, but we would like to add a slide show. This will give you a 'taste' of our Easter weekend of fun and MORE!!! (Click on the center of the slide to be taken directly to the photo album. BUT, NOT ON THE ARROW, because that will only begin the slide show.)
On a personal note, I would like to add, how happy we were to have a portion of the Louisiana family with us over the weekend! Our only regret, was that they were not ALL able to be here, but for those that were, thank you, we love you and we can't wait to see y'all again!