Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aly's Mid-Summer's Dream Come True

We were all happy to 'welcome' Mama and Daddy home, from their trip to Orlando for General Assembly, this past week. Aly was so excited when she saw her Memaw and Papaw... she just about came unglued! LOL I honestly believe that she thought they had moved away and were gone forever or something! I am personally grateful, that when the business side of things in Orlando were completed, they ALLOWED themselves a tiny little bit of 'vacation' time in the sunny South-Lands of Savannah & the Smokies! If anyone ever deserved to take a break, the two of them certainly did! Though it was an extremely short vacation (following a very long Assembly), I know after spending every day, all day in (Assembly) meetings, in addition to the year they have had thus far, this is just the kind of thing that had to be done! While jealous of their time to some of the most beautiful places in America, I'm indeed thankful that they were able to come back to the hum-drum of everyday life, feeling a little more relaxed and ready to face what had to be faced! Upon their arrival home, it was such fun to watch both of their faces brighten up when they saw Aly and her face just absolutely GLOWED at the sight of them!
On Saturday, Cousin Cassie held an all-girl Birthday Party and Aly was 'in her prime'! While being one of two of the youngest in attendance... she didn't seem to notice or care, she was 'just as big as the next one', in her own eyes! It was adorable to listen to several little girls enjoying themselves, there was an abundance of giggles and lots of Cinderella-talk going on! They each brought their own dolly and the dolls had a table of their own, as well! The girls 'pinned' the crown on Cinderella, sang Karaoke and just GIGGLED! Thanks, Cassie for a fun time... Aly had a 'Ball' no pun intended)!!!
NOW, FOR THE BAD NEWS OF THE WEEK!!! Unless, by some miracle of the dear Lord above, it appears that we have either lost our camera or it has been stolen! We were able to take pictures of Mama and Daddy's return (which were loaded to picasa that same evening) and we were also able to take pictures of Cuz Cassie's Birthday Party. However, sometime between taking those and getting ready to load them onto picasa... IT'S GONE (the camera, that is)!!! We don't know what we're going to do without it!?!?! It's a big part of our lives... how can we 'Blog' without it? Well, we 'made do' this week, by borrowing a few shots for our slideshow below. For a larger picture, you may want to click on the center of the slideshow and it will take you to the actual Photo Album. We'll have to wait and see what happens from this point with our camera situation!

'Great' (My) Papaw J. also celebrated a birthday on Saturday and while we were unable to attend, Daddy drove over for a little while and enjoyed time with the family. We are SO blessed to still have Papaw and Mamaw with us!!! (As well as Mamaw S.!) God is good, to not only give us this kind of heritage, but to ALLOW us to keep them for a while! Papaw, we love you (Mamaw, too) and we are sorry that we weren't there to celebrate with you!!! We are proud of you and can't wait to see you, again! Happy Birthday!
Well, we were looking through our calendar on this morning and realized that our Anniversary (July 24th) was a mere 10 days away!!! One of two of the best days of our lives... our Wedding Day, (with the second being the day of Aly's birth)! We plan to 'hold off' on a celebration trip until Labor Day weekend, thus giving us a longer weekend (or if Greg's job requires, we may have to wait further into September). GREG! "You're still the one I love, the only one I dream of, you're still the one I kiss Goodnight. You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to, you're still the one I want for life... and after all this time, you're still the one I love."
Last evening, (the 13th), I opened our home for an event called L.N.O (Ladies Night Out), which began with my local 'Facebook Family' a few months ago. This particular event was called, "Shelly's Spa" (because it was held at my house) and hosted by a dear friend of mine. Thank you, America, for an amazing evening! Everyone in attendance felt relaxed, revived and rejuvenated at the close of the evening. (I know I'm still 'feeling' it today, as well!) We were treated to foot soaks, foot rubs, instant manicures and facials... a PERFECT "de-stresser" for any girly-girl, especially comforting with 50+ candles burning throughout the house, 'zen-like' music in the background and a Spa-inspired menu!!! The menu consisted of Tossed Salad filled with Dried Cranberries, nuts and drizzled with (Paula Dean's) Southern Peach Pecan Dressing, Pita Chips and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Cucumber Slices with Ranch and a Fresh Fruit Salad. YUMMY!!! Boy, I can barely wait til the next Spa... but, more than that, I'm excited to find out about the upcoming 'end-of-the-summer' L.N.O. event! (If you are a 'local FBer' and are interested in our group, just contact me and we'll put you on the guest list for receiving event invites and information.)
Til next week...........

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July: A Month for Patriotism, Romancing and Such

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July: Patriotism to Romancing
Needless to say, we have been busy as usual! Isn't July a wonderful month? It's almost always beautiful, sunny, warm and all the other great things that make a perfect Summer...
Whitley was home for the past week and 'us' girls had a ball together! From hanging just out, to shopping, eating at our favorite local spots, playing at BouncerTown or even the Playroom, right here at home! What a grand time...

On Friday evening, (the 3rd), we ate with the family at Edwards Drive In and spent time at the Rehab Center with Mamaw "Who". Later that night, Greg, Aly and I drove over to ("Unky") Mark and ("Aunt-Nita") Anita's for the town's Firework show. Aly wasn't too sure about the noise at first, but the bright colors and flashing lights finally won her over! She has turned into quite the 'Firecracker' girl! On the 4th, it rained ALL day, so we just hung out at home and enjoyed lots of quality time together. That night, the 'Media' guys said the Downtown Fireworks were to be a 'go', come rain or shine. SO! We jumped in the car, (in our 'Jammies') and headed down to see "Freedom Blast 2009"! WELL! We were very disappointed an hour later, to find out the Grand Fire Marshall would not allow the show to go on! There were many tears on the way home, that night...

I woke up on Sunday, under the weather and not feeling well, so Greg left us girls home and headed out to Church alone. By that evening, I was well on the mend, so I stopped by to check in on Mamaw S. When Greg and Aly picked me up, we made a last second decision and drove back downtown for the postponed "Freedom Blast". We had an excellent parking spot for ourselves and our lawn chairs. It was a gorgeous night and once again, Aly loved those fireworks to pieces...
For the Show, we were parked near a place called, "Peewinkles Puppet Studio" and it sparked my interest, I wondered what it could be and why I'd never heard of it. When we arrived back home, I 'Googled' it and found it to be a charming old world style, 50 seat puppet theatre (only a few blocks south of Circle Center in downtown). Ideal for school groups, scouts, birthday parties and reserved parties. Peggy Melchior, Debbi Stutzman and Heidi Shackleford, of MMHP Puppet Productions Inc., present captivating and creative puppet shows for children (incl. puppet making day camps and workshops). "Peewinkles" specialize in a variety of creative puppet shows year round, while using marionettes and special effects. Their shows are sure to delight those of all ages! We look forward to taking Aly for a Birthday Party in her very near future...

On a bit of a side-note, Greg and I will be celebrating our Anniversary toward the end of the month, so be on the look out for a Wedding Photo Album, coming very soon!!! Also, we have been anxiously awaiting the return of Mama and Daddy, from their General Assembly trip, for what seems to be an 'eon' and they WILL be back tonight... We, (especially Aly) can hardly wait, either! We've missed them something terrible, but pray they enjoyed their LITTLE time away! Well, it's on into the rest of another busy week for us, now. We trust each of you will have a marvelous one...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July 4th, Everyone! (ONLY 3 Days Away...)

It's about time for sparklers and fireworks, again!!! The time of year that we feel those 'chills' run up our spines as we listen to a moving Patriotic song, gaze upon "Lady Liberty" as she stands boldly on the New York harbor, see a member of the Military in full uniform walking along the sidewalk or simply watch as an American flag sways gently in the evening breeze. We are truly a blessed people to live in America. Our Nation is changing and it's becoming more and more important that we beg God to once again BLESS America and REVIVE us as a CHRISTIAN Nation. "WE WANT AMERICA BACK"! (In order to view this video clip, you will first need to scroll down to the right, to our 'Penn Palz Favorite Online Music' and press 'Pause'.)

Well, our company from Louisiana have already headed back South and we only wished we'd gotten to tag along! Our family is entirely too close to have this many miles lay between us and these Good-Byes are always tearful! We are so thankful the trip home was made safely, though! (Thanks, Suzanne, we couldn't have made it without you this week and Mamaw was even more thrilled to have a 'new' nurse!!!)

Whitley has been with us since Saturday and plans to stay for the rest of this week. Aly thinks it's pretty incredible having someone 'dote' on her 24/7! Where, you may ask are the pictures of these precious moments together? Well, the lovely camera has been tucked away in the back of the computer armoire, since our Father's Day blog! However, it is now out on the shelf and we hope to put it to use over the next few days!

Until next week, may God bless YOU and may God bless America... Happy July 4th, everyone!