Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Spring 2010 BLACKBERRY Album

HAPPY TUESDAY! Dirty hands and feet, almost frozen-iced sweet tea, garden fragrances thick in the air and an ocean of color before me, who could ask for more? Only 20 days til it's officially Summer!

Due to the technical problems of late, we will not even attempt to play 'catch up' with blogging today, other than to say, we have been exceptionally busy since our last post... Concerts with The Pfeifers, The Perry's ~ and more, fun field trips ~ to places like The Indy Zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, The Children's Museum, etc., Memorial Day trip ~ to Ohio and much, much more!

Recently, we are grateful to have been given a handful of photos (from other people), which we will post soon, along with as many new ones of our own, as possible! (We have also added a very small photo album to this post... however, please excuse the quality, as they were taken on Greg's BlackBerry and are quite blurry.)