Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fallen Right into Fall 2011

Much water has gone under the bridge since our last posts of State Fair and Labor Day happenings!
To name a few, Aly began homeschooling this Fall and is doing a splendid job thus far, we enjoyed taking her to NQC 2011 for her first "Field Trip"...the music was, as expected, wonderful and we saw many friends and laughed ourselves almost breathless! We went to Greg's parents home for our annual "BD" trip...when Aly and Whitley are able to celebrate their October birthdays, together and this year Tanner joined in on the celebration! A triple party it was! The entire Indiana side of our family gathered together for a day of country fun "down at the Farm" and thanks to "Aunt" Nodi, we had a most relaxing and filling day! Of course, we have just come through the biggest event of all...Aly's 4th Birthday!!! "AN EVENING WITH PRINCESS BELLE" went very smoothly, the girls had a ball having "Tea" together and once again our family enjoyed a delicious meal, a specially made cake for the occasion and many stories and laughs!
Rather than going into too much detail and boring you, I'll allow the slide shows I've created to tell the story of how we have quite literally, "Fallen Right into Fall 2011"! ENJOY........