Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is A Time for Field Trips, Playing Dress-Up and More!

With the bright sunshine, warmer weather and the springtime breezes, comes a chance for field trips, playing dress-up and tons of other fun stuff! We've enjoyed just a few of these wonderful things and wanted to share them with you!!! The captions will tell the story... Simply CLICK HERE!

One very IMPORTANT answer to prayer that we'd like to share with you, is that God has provided Greg with a temporary job at IWU!!! Boy, God IS good! Now, we're praying that having 'our foot in the door' will possibly open the opportunity for a more permanent position in the near future?!?
There isn't much more to tell, that the above Photo Album hasn't provided for you already... So, we'll just sign off this week, with a wish to YOU... which would be, that you'll take a moment to praise God, each time you see a cloud floating above, a bird singing in a tree, a dogwood in bloom or a rainbow with all it's colors shining through the sun-lit skies! After all, He is the reason we can all enjoy this beautiful thing called SPRING!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Going Bonkers" and More on Spring Break

We finally arrived home from Spring Break last evening at about 8:00 pm. After dropping Aly off around 6 to spend a little time with Papaw, Greg and I then had the chance to check in at a very important meeting on the southside, before we drove into our own driveway a bit after 8 and began to unload the luggage. Aly came home about an hour or two later and after several days away, I can truthfully say it was a joy for us all to be back home again! Trips are always fun, especially if it's for Spring Break, but we all know 'there's no place like home'!!!
Due to the fact that our camera was left at home and never packed, I thought we'd not get a single picture... however, I was wrong! My Father-in-Law provided me with a camera on Saturday and I was able to 'borrow' it for our adventure to "Going Bonkers" Family Fun Center and then again on Sunday! (Thanks, Dad!!!) I wasn't used to a different flash, wasn't sure how to get rid of the red eye, the lighting was 'off' compared to our camera, etc. So, these photos are not of the best quality but, I'm very thankful to have the memories 'on film', as well as in our hearts! We had a great time with family during our 'break', laughed at anything and everything, ate too much, enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sunshine and all in all wouldn't have traded this trip for the world!
CLICK HERE! for the details.
HEY! It's March 17th and we all know what that means! It's St. Patrick's Day!!! Here is an Irish Blessing JUST FOR YOU! "May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Less Than 2 Days til Spring Break

A flashback of the past year in Aly's little life... unbelievable how the time has flown!
Easter Week 08
Spring Swingin 08
Mid-Summer 08
Early Fall Road Tripin 08
Christmas 08
Brushin n Rockin Late Winter 09
Early Spring 09
Well, we'll be on the road headed out for Spring Break in less than two days! There is MUCH that must be done before our trip, so we'll not take a lot of time to Blog for now.
However, we'll do our best to snap a few pix while we're gone and post them, along with a 'newsy' Blog by this time next week! Trust you'll all have a splendid SpRiNgY week and weekend ahead! God Bless...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Sun-shine and School-time

What a busy week this has been! 99.9% of the work at Church has been completed, with the exception of my office and it's only about 19.9% complete! lol I've just learned today, that my Office will be moving, for a third time. I'll begin work (again) on this NEW move before Sunday, but I'm taking a day or two this week, for a little much needed family time.
Since Greg has been laid off, Aly and I have not kept up with her 'schooling', because having fun with Daddy has taken front and center. We're not complaining ONE bit, either!!! I just decided that this morning was the day to bring School back into our daily schedule. We use Flashcards, DVD's, and Books to learn about letters, animals, shapes, etc. We practice holding pencils, pens and crayons, while having lots of fun and making quite a mess in the process, at times! Aly loves 'School', even though her attention span isn't quite up-to-par just yet... HOWEVER, it has moved from about -5 minutes to about 25+ minutes now! What a smart little doll-baby we have on our hands!!! Here is a handful of snapshots we captured this morning...
Click Here:
We had a pleasant surprise this past Sunday, Aunt Gayle and Don from Ohio, came to visit us and we had a ball together! Our only complaint was that the few hours with them went entirely TOO fast!!! We're hoping they'll make this little road trip again REAL soon! Maybe we'll have more time together next time!
WOW! Aly and I were treated to a YUMMY Brunch this morning... thanks, Daddy! We loved the Scrambled Eggs, Saugage, Ham, Buckwheat Pancakes, etc., it was all just PERFECT!
Greg, Aly and I must have spread ourselves a bit thin last week, with all the paint, dust, etc. I'd say all three of us have had our allergies pretty messed up and at this point, we're all feeling it with runny noses and sore throats! I must add the fact that this beautiful March sunshine is doing it's job in helping us (almost) forget these nasty allergies and colds, though!

Thank the dear Lord for the awesome creation of SPRING!!! We trust all of our Blogging "Palz" are doing well and enjoying life, also! Take care, all...