Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Company Abounds and It All Begins in A "Boys Dorm"...


Camp is over and the Company has begun to roll in...

Wes and his friend, Devin are in for the week. Greg and Cuz Nate went to pick them up over the weekend. Nate spent last night with us, so they've been having a ball together for 3+ days now.
G'Ma and G'Pa Penn will be coming in this Thursday evening, staying with us over the 4th weekend and Whitley will be coming in at the end of the month, for a week. We also plan to have part of the Louisiana clan with us for a week and that's coming up right away!!! YAY! Having company really is a BLAST!!!
Busy times for sure, but are we ever having fun... I'll add a little Photo Album of our week so far, (the first 1 1/2 to 2 days of it, anyway!) at the bottom of the BLOG for your viewing pleasure, K? Please please please remember NONE of these pix were 'posed' and also remember our house has literally turned into a BOYS DORM this week! (Aly and I actually need 'back-up'... a Boys Dorm is NO place for little angels like us! LOL)

Well, last week was a little interesting to say the least! Camp was interesting in and of itself (we won't even go there) and then, I had a bit of a scare on Wednesday spending 12 hours in the ER, on top everything else! They took several tests, I'll go to my regular Doctor tomorrow for a follow-up, but all is well at the moment... PTL for His watchful look over us all, especially in our time of need! He's a good God and we'd never make it without Him!!!

One things for sure, with all of the busy days that seem to be flying by, Summer will be over LONG before I'm ready for it to be! I trust you are all having a splendid Summer and I'd LOVE to hear from some of you... especially those that I haven't heard from lately - HINT HINT (lol)!!! XO

Boys Will Be Boys!!! An UN-POSED look into the real deal...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer + Camp = One Great Time of Fellowship, Spiritual Renewal and Wonderful Food...

We'll post again, as normal (next week), following Camp!
Please keep our 2008 District Campmeeting
in your prayers and we'll be sure tell y'all about it, soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June... What A Full Month Already!

June is a very busy and full month for our family! There are many birthday's, anniversary's and such during the month of June. We'd like to wish all of our 'June-Bugs' a very Happy Birthday and a very Happy Anniversary to our 'June-Lovebird's', too! Ya'll know who you are and we celebrate each of you at this time. (Greg and I have an Anniversary coming up in less than 5 weeks, ourselves!)
Alyson Dawn is really growing and changing every day... her personality is just adorable! She about gives herself a whiplash simply people-watching at the Mall or Walmart. She'll be 8 months old on the 30th! That is so hard for us to believe!!! She loves to be outside, she loves to go 'out'... whether it's to church or shopping... she's NOT a homebody, that's for sure. She loves spending time with her Daddy and her Memaw and Papaw, too... she is truly the 'Princess' and is she ever more getting used to that fact!!!
Greg ~ (During this Father's Day season...) I want you to know that little Aly and I are as happy as two peas in a pod to have you in our lives... you're the greatest husband anywhere and the bestest Daddy in the world, too. We love you dearly and look forward to many more happy days spent with you!
The three of us missed spending Mother's Day this year with my parents, due to a trip to Mexico but, were able to spend Father's Day with my them and had such a wonderful time... what an awesome heritage we have and are privileged to pass down to Alyson! Happy (belated Mother's Day) and Father's Day (a day late) to you both. My own life has been near perfect because of ya'll. We all three love the two of you more than you'll ever know!
We're sorry to have missed being with Greg's parents this time around for Father's Day! (HOWEVER, Mother's Day was spent with them and was quite nice)... We will also be with them here at our place, over July 4th and are looking forward to an exciting time together!!! I'd like to thank them for helping to raise Greg to be the best husband I could've ever asked for and an incredible Daddy to Aly, too. Love ya'll!
We would also like to mention what a fun time we had in Dayton, yesterday! It was so nice to be able to spend time with Mamaw and Papaw Jewett!!! Aly did a fine job on our little road trip (of course, being as it was a time to get out and about, see people, show off a bit, etc. LOL)! Thanks, Ohio-bunch, for the good times...
Mama and Daddy ~ Greg, Alyson and I would love to say a SPECIAL Happy Anniversary (June 16th) to ya'll... you have always been there to show me what 'true love' is and that true love is the 'joy of life', itself! I'm so grateful for the many lessons you've each taught me through the love you have for one another! I only pray that I'll be the type of wife and mommy that you've taught me to be and teach Aly the same.

Here is a brief Photo Album - - - some old and some new and that'll be it for now - - - until our next BLOG!
Early June Greetings and Such

Monday, June 9, 2008

The 3 "P's": Praise, Parade and Present...

Here is a picture taken this evening of Alyson playing in her favorite... toy, the "ExerSaucer", with her favorite... Baby Day Parade "Balloon" and all dolled-up in a favorite... "Nightie"! Here's the scoop!

First of all, we'd like to share a 'Praise' with ya'll... Aly has been a very sick little girl (fever, fussy, fitful sleep, etc. - not at ALL like her regular-self) for a few days but, is feeling much better now!!!
She was able to participate in our Church 'Baby Day Parade' yesterday... and she looked like a true "Princess" in her decorated buggy! (A Special thanks to Memaw for making that stroller look like it belonged at Buckingham Palace!!!)
Aly has also been sportin' around in a new 'Present' (her Nightie from San Antonio - BTW! Thanks Uncle Danny, Aunt Ronda, Corey, Cassie and Cade - she loves it!!!)

Greg and I were in charge of the Baby Day Parade, so we were unable to get pictures
that day... However, we had a Parade Photographer present, so we hope to receive a picture soon and will upload it for you to view ASAP! It was quite a stressful day but, we COULD NEVER have made it without Mama and Daddy helping us out!!! They worked so hard for and with us... that Parade turned out organized AND cute... a day the Congregation won't soon forget!
Mama and Daddy: Here's a *SPECIAL THANK YOU* for all your hard work... we love you both very very very much!!!

We're anxious to create another online Photo Album, of Aly 'modeling' all the outfits and stuff bought for her by Memaw, Papaw and the 'clan' on their recent trip to Louisiana!!! The South still knows how to dress a little girl up, that's for sure... WOW! The gifts are all simply beautiful! (We'll try to post that Album soon!)

Greg and I have been dealing with a few things lately, at church and at home, that have us concerned and in much prayer... Respect is such an issue these days, not only with young people/teens but very small children and adults, as well. We found a quote online that has helped us and we'd like to share it with you... in hopes that it may help some of you, as well.

"The parents who teach (or demand) their children to respect and honor them
are not being selfish.
They are guaranteeing their child longer life,
a richer and fuller life, and a life that is built
around the needs of others.
They are also guaranteeing themselves a happier and more prosperous old age."

Please continue to help us pray for our state and the many problems the recent storms have caused here in Indiana... remember to stay safe AND dry now, ya'll!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Busy Weekend Past and Another Ahead...

WOW! What a weekend we had! We decided to enjoy a "3-dayer" and had so much fun doing it!!! I suppose this was a way to DETOX us from our week of 'Depression'... LOL
We began our weekend on Friday evening with a 'Cousin-Pizza-Party' for some of those who were unable to make the trip South... On Saturday, we decided on a City-Wide Road-Trip... We had sunny blue skies for the entire day (all three days, actually!)... we HIT a few Yard Sales along the way... we made our way Downtown and 'walked' the Mall... stopped for supper (the menu even included Southern Fried Okra - YUM!)... and of course, Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without a stop at good ole' faithful Wal-Mart! All in all, we had a great day!!! We spent the day Sunday at Church, of course... had a lovely meal with friends... and found time to relax and enjoy God's Day while we were at it! Monday morning we headed out to pick up our Washer/Dryer... we also helped another family (in our Church) move a few items of furniture in and out of storage... we then grabbed a bite at Mickey-D's for lunch... we found ourselves at the ZOO for the afternoon and had a blast watching Aly try to figure it all out... by the time we made it home, it was time to put supper on the table for our friends - and NEW MEMBER of the "Indy-Mustangs", an Indiana Semi-Pro Football Team - I believe CONGRATS to be in order... we ended the evening with a wonderful Southern Pecan Pie -n- Ice Cream!
Now, that's one very busy 3-days, if you ask me!!! I 'GOOGLED' a few pictures online and created a Photo Album - of sorts - on our Picasa account. (If you care to view it... you can do so very easily! If you go to any of our BLOG Photo Albums *eg:'Daydreaming of Louisiana'* or BLOG Slide-Shows *eg:'Our New Home* below, they will automatically take you to the Picasa site, where you'll see our 'My Public Gallery'... then, just look for the Album titled, "A Busy Weekend in June".)
Well, it appears that our NEXT weekend will be equally as busy, we'll be joining our Community for a Yard Sale! If you think about us - on Saturday the 7th... say a little prayer that we'll have a good turn out.. great weather... make lots of money... tell others about Jesus... etc.!