Monday, March 24, 2008

The Long Awaited Update - A First Easter with Alyson Dawn

Well, here's the much asked for Alyson Dawn update for ya'll - we had a fun filled and very blessed Easter - trust you did, as well!!!
Some have asked, ''Does Alyson have red hair?'' The answer is ''No'', although in certain lighting and through some camera lens, it appears to have a reddish tint. It is really still quite dark almost a black/brown... especially along the neck line. It has however, begun to lighten on the top to more of a light brown, with just a 'glint' of red. The undertones of her skin are not at all like those of a would-be redhead, though.
I believe she'll take well to the sun later in life, unlike me who has always burnt before tanning, she'll probably tan very easily and not burn. Oh well, just thought I'd answer those that have asked... Can't wait for all of ya'll to "meet" her in person, she's getting quite the personality now and keeps us in stitches at times!
This slide show are photos that were taken during our Easter Week... Easter Sunday at Mamaw Smith's, a few of Alyson in her new-for-Easter 'Bumbo Seat', a couple of her with her baby doll in the 'Swing', our 'Napping Angel', etc. !!!ENJOY!!!

Here are a few lyrics to a song that has been very meaningful to us during this sacred Season... what a wonderful thought to think that not even death could hold OUR King!

Then the stone moves,
The earth shakes
And birds start singing,
The sun shines,
The earth warms
For new life it's bringing;
A little boy stops crying,
A mother is smiling,
For death could not hold their King.

Jesus Christ is RISEN... He is risen, indeed!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail, Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail...

...hippity hoppity, Easter's on it's way!!!

(Alyson Dawn - Early Spring 2008) It doesn't seem possible, Easter is only 2 days away, now!!! We wanted to wish everyone in BLOGGERLAND a very Happy one... filled with God's promises and blessings! Take time to 'breathe in' all the beauty this Season holds!

Don't faint and fall out with this statement, but we plan to take several pictures over the Holiday weekend! Furthermore, we'll post them for you to view ASAP! We realize that we've not done a very good job lately of posting pix - having temporary 'Dial Up' being our excuse! It's amazing how our Alyson is growing, so we feel you've just got to see her! We're not in the least bit proud, either!!!

We also wanted to let you know that God has answered one our many prayers and given us a house!!! We will be eternally grateful!!! God is SO good, isn't He? We will be able to move in by the end of April! With this move, we'll once again have DSL and will in turn be able to update our BLOG and Online Photo Albums much more often! YAY!!!

Due to our 'Template' change for March and April, we have moved all of our 'former blogs' to our "Blog Archive". Please take time to view them if you have not already done so. Lots to see... photos, slide shows, etc.!

Again, we wish you a very Happy Easter and look forward to much more BLOGGING in the near future!!! May the peace of God continue to bless you and your's this Spring!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March, Ya'll!

It's hard to believe that March ha
s arrived!!! We're loving this spring-like weather! 65*+ outside this morning (and still rising) with clear sunny skies! Simply beautiful!!!

What a SHOCK when you realize that our little Alyson is already 4 months old!!! (BTW - THIS PIC IS NOT OF OUR ALY - I JUST COULDN'T RESIST POSTING IT! TOO CUTE THOUGH, DON'T YA THINK?)

Well, we're spending the weekend in Mexico (the
town, not the country, that is! LOL) with Greg's family and having a BALL!
Alyson just can't get over being at Mawmaw and Pawpaw P's house with her big 'Bub' and 'Sis'!

(Whitley, Fall 2007) This is all so new to her and really quite fun, too. No doubt she'll really "get into" these trips in a few months when she can 'toddle' around and 'shadow' both Wes and Whit... after all, what else are big brother's and sister's for???
(Wesley, Fall 207) Guess that'll be it for 'blogging' at the moment, we'll do our best to try and get a couple more in by the end of the month!

(Aly, Winter 2008) Take care, have a Happy March and enjoy this 'springy' weather! (Isn't it just the best Season ever!) Spring fever has HIT, that's for sure!!!