Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anniversary Weekend in Indy

HAPPY 6TH TO US... (July 24, 2004)

Anniversary Weekend BLACKBERRY ALBUM
For even numbered years, we spend our Anniversary close to home and try to save up for away-trips on the odd numbered years, thus we enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing time together this past weekend, for our 6th.
On Friday night we went out for a BBQ supper with several friends, a little QT with Aly early in the day on Saturday (actual Anniversary date), enjoyed a very romantic Steak-n-Seafood meal and quiet time away that evening, with a little shopping that night on the northside, etc. I still feel like a Princess and plan to live happily ever after with my Prince!!!
(Aly loved this chance to spend time with her Uncle Mark, Aunt Anita and Nate... a special thank you to them for being the greatest babysitters of all time! Love y'all!!!)
Well..... why don't we just let the pictures (sorry for their pitiful quality, once again we used the BLACKBERRY and borrowed a few) speak for themselves???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer 2010 (thus far, anyway!)

SO much has happened since our last post on June 1st! Too many things to try and list them ALL, suffice it to say, we're having an incredible time, thus far!!!
We truly enjoyed our 'first' family vacation...10 days away from home, together! Aly experienced her first hotel-stay (other than the ones when she was still a baby!), her first time to go 'swimming' with her Daddy (in a BIG pool!), her first visit to Six Flags Over Mid-America, etc.
Then, we ended the vacation by spending time with Greg's family... Wesley was in the process of preparing to leave for his 2-year USAF stint to South Korea (on July 3rd) and it was fun before his departure date, to all be together, again! Mawmaw and Pawpaw even let Greg and I go out on a "date" while we were there and Aly had a ball making crafts with them, at the same time!
Aly's favorite moments of vacation, were without a doubt, the "BIG" kid rides at Six Flags, the "BIG" hotel pool (of course!) and the "Splashing Hole" (also at Six Flags!)....... Can you tell that she's in love with water and having a good time all the time???
We have also attended some great restaurants, concerts, revivals, birthday parties, etc. back at home, in Indy! Mimi and Papaw have joined us for several really fun excursions this Summer, as well... Aly always LOVES any second she can spend with them and the more, the merrier! We really enjoyed spending the 4th of July together... the Princess thinks we should have a 'fireworks show' every night, now! Aly's favorite weekly activity would have to either be Summer School or going to the Mall, Park, etc. with her Papaw!!!
Whitley and her friend, Katie came to town for a few days and we enjoyed taking them downtown, shopping at Circle Center, supper with Mimi and Papaw on Monument Circle, Incredible Pizza Co., Ritter's Frozen Custard, etc. Aly thought she was a teenager while they were here, too!!!
The Children's Department, at church, began a new program for the Summer and it's really fun... full of media, music, etc. and lots of work for Greg and I, but the kids are loving it and that makes it worth it all!
We are excited about our 6th Anniversary coming up, on July 24th, a special dinner-out is being planned; a trip to Port Clinton (and probably Cedar Point) coming up at the beginning of August; Greg's parents will also be here for a visit, over his Birthday weekend, in the middle of August; etc.
So, as you can see... our Summer has been and continues to be FULL UP with many fun activities, great company, neat destinations, good food, etc.!!! Trust you and yours are enjoying a great one, as well.......
P.S.~ We hope to add pictures to this (pitiful quality, once again a BLACKBERRY) Photo Album right away or possibly create a new one, so keep your eyes open for more pictures soon!

Summer 2010 BLACKBERRY Album