Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Limbo...

We are in a bit of 'limbo'... staying too busy to keep up with much online work. We've completed quite a bit of work on our house over the past couple of weeks, had a bit of short 'sick spells', tons of Church 'homework' had to be finished for the Christmas Program, etc., etc. Needless to say, we've been on a WILD ride lately!!!
Aly's 2nd Birthday Party is coming up on Friday... the 30th! So, rest assured there will be another blog posted soon and it will include party pictures... of course!!! We also have company coming in at the beginning of November and again at the end of November and will post on those occasions, as well!
Wishing all of our blogging 'Palz' a spooooky and waaaacky Halloween day...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Blessings

“October” with it’s gorgeous colors on the trees, bright beautiful flowers, the smell of burning leaves, sweaters, boots and “blankies”... Hats for the cooler weather, fun times at football games and the many spicy scents of Autumn floating in the breeze. The month is nearly gone and Thanksgiving will be here soon, so we send blessings to you, as you spend this season with the colorful folks you love!
There is not much news to tell, being as I was sick right up to this past Saturday and still feel like I’m in recovery! LOL
I had a serious case of “Cabin Fever”, so we did take Aly to BouncerTown on Saturday afternoon. She had a ball and had to ‘tackle’ every single attraction there! No pictures, though! Again, just wasn’t up to that… will try to capture a few soon!
Papaw J. took Aly to the “Pumpkin Patch” on Monday and she totally loved every second of it! She wanted the biggest one out there, but neither of them could carry it, so they chose one they could handle! After we have it ‘fixed up’ and placed outside, we’ll do our best to snap a few pictures for you to view. THANKS, Papaw for such a fun trip, for our Aly-girl!!!

Do you know of a Mr. or Mrs. Bucket (AKA: “Bouquet” from BBC) in your life or part of the world? You know the type… the person or persons whose aim in life is to impress their neighbor, friends and important people? Doing their best to give the impression that they’re of high social standing and incomparably superior to those around them, while proving all the time they really aren’t? This is not to say, there is anything wrong with taking a LITTLE pride in ones self, though! LOL Caring about the clothes you wear, a bit of high maintenance from time to time, etc. Instead, a 'Bucket' is usually focused more on the attitude of me, me, me and in… “Keeping Up Appearances” at all times. Now, while this can be humorous, it isn’t always so funny to have a ‘Bucket’ around in our own everyday life… Lord, help ME not to be a ‘Mrs.’ Bucket… unless it’s just to give others a good laugh!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Can Be Quite the Trip…

WOW! Our lives can certainly agree to this post title! After a hectic few days last week, we were finally packed, loaded and westward bound on Friday evening! Being as we were off to a very late start, we didn’t arrive much before 11PM, Missouri time (12AM in Indiana)! Of course, we stayed up entirely too late chatting with everyone! Needless to say, we were already exhausted beyond words, even before we ever left Indy. However, we were determined to make the best of the few hours we had to spend with the family, though! Wouldn’t you know, I woke up Saturday morning very ill!?!?! All signs of a massive sinus infection along with flu-like symptoms, to boot! Aches, pains, low-grade fever… YOU NAME IT! Well, it was severe enough to put me “down” for the rest of the weekend. It is now Tuesday night, we’ve been home since late Sunday night, but I am still ‘bed-ridden’, with this case of old fashioned, “Yankeefied Droops”! The only light I see at the end of this tunnel, would have to be the strong medicines my doctor prescribed for me, yesterday! They are working… just extremely slowly! On top of it all, I’ve actually had a few side effects from them! NOT good!!!
The really bad news of the week? The fact, we never took one single picture on our trip! I was entirely too ill to care and Greg was too busy having fun (as usual, when we’re out there), to pick up the camera and do anything about it! LOL We hope to retrieve a picture or two taken with Mom and Dad P.’s camera that day, though! The kids “tripple” party sounded as if they were having a ball at the time and I heard that Aly really showed herself… especially when it came time to blow out the candles! One thing is for certain, I am DONE with being sick!!! Picture-taking and party-going would’ve been much more ‘my speed‘! Here is a cute little poem I found a couple of days ago, online.
"I am sick, I'm about to snap. My nose is leaking, I just want to nap. Been drinking juices & blowing my nose. My body screams, aches from my head down 2 my toes. I hate being sick, my mind doesn't work. Wish I was healthy, back to my normal self!” (M. Messineo)


I would like to post one new photo this week. One of my one and only, personal, private, ‘In-House Doctor’, but please note, he is NOT up for hire elsewhere! Thanks, Sweetheart! You’ve done everything in your power to make my world a whole lot easier over the past few days and I can never thank you enough! Please know that I have been praying, that these ’bugs’ will stay very far away from you! I seriously don’t know how Aly and I would function... not with you stuck in the bed like this, sick as a puppy! I’m also very thankful, that Aly still has a dose or two left of HER antibiotics, because I in no way want to see her have a relapse! Again Greg, thanks for being so wonderful… I LOVE YOU!!!